Local Government (Dublin) Act, 1993

Preparation of maps showing county boundaries.

10.—(1) As soon as may be after the enactment of this Act the commissioner shall prepare for each of the proposed counties a map, in quadruplicate, drawn to such convenient scale and in such convenient number of separate sheets as the commissioner thinks fit, showing the boundaries of the proposed county and when such maps have been prepared, the commissioner shall seal each such map and shall, as soon as may be thereafter, deposit them as follows, namely, one of them in the principal office of the commissioner, another in the offices of the Minister, one in the principal office of Dublin Corporation and one in the principal office of the relevant county council when established.

(2) In preparing the said maps the commissioner shall, at the request of the Minister notwithstanding—

(a) any description in this or in any other enactment of any boundary of the city, the county or any other county, or of an electoral county, or of any alteration of such, or

(b) any such boundary as shown on any map prepared pursuant to any enactment prior to the commencement of this section,

fix the boundary of any of the proposed counties so as to avoid any minor anomaly such as the division of any building, other structure or public open space by such boundary or to bring it into conformity with any description referred to in paragraph (a).

(3) Every map deposited pursuant to subsection (1) shall be retained in the office in which it is so deposited, and each such map, or true copies thereof, shall be open for inspection free of charge at the office (other than the office of the Minister) in which it is so deposited by any person at any time at which such office is open for the transaction of public business, and it shall be lawful for the commissioner, the Corporation or the council to prepare and supply to any person requesting the same a true copy of any map so deposited or any particular part thereof and to charge for such copy such sum as the commissioner, with the consent of the Minister for Finance, or the Corporation or council may fix.

(4) It shall be the duty of the commissioner and of the Corporation and the council, respectively, whenever required so to do by any Court of Justice, to prepare and produce to the Court a true copy of the map deposited with such person pursuant to subsection (1) or any specified part thereof and to verify the copy to such Court by the oath of an officer of the commissioner, Corporation or council, and the Court shall receive the copy in evidence and thereupon the copy shall, unless the contrary is shown, be sufficient evidence of the boundary (in so far as the same is shown on the copy) of the county to which the copy purports to relate, notwithstanding any discrepancy between the copy and any other description of a boundary or any ambiguity or uncertainty in such description or in the application thereof.