Environmental Protection Agency Act, 1992

Agency functions in relation to water or sewage treatment.

60.—(1) The Agency may, and shall if so directed by the Minister, specify and publish criteria and procedures, which in the opinion of the Agency are reasonable and desirable for the purposes of environmental protection, in relation to the management, maintenance, supervision, operation or use of all or specified classes of plant, sewers or drainage pipes vested in or controlled or used by a sanitary authority for the treatment of drinking water or for the treatment or disposal of any sewage or other effluent to any waters and a sanitary authority shall, in the performance of its functions, have regard to such criteria and procedures.

(2) Without prejudice to subsection (1), specified criteria and procedures may relate to—

(a) site selection,

(b) the location of effluent discharges, the periods during which discharges may be made or may not be made and the design and construction of outlets for discharges,

(c) the provision and maintenance of meters, gauges, other apparatus, manholes and inspection chambers.