Environmental Protection Agency Act, 1992

Disclosure of confidential information.

39.—(1) A person shall not disclose confidential information obtained by him in his capacity as Director General, other director, an employee of the Agency, a member of the Advisory Committee or of a committee or consultative group established by the Agency, a consultant, adviser or other person engaged by the Agency, or a person whose services are availed of by, or supplied to, the Agency under section 44 or who exercises or performs any function on behalf of the Agency under an agreement under section 45 , unless he is duly authorised to do so.

(2) In this section—

“confidential information”, without prejudice to the provisions of section 110 , includes information that is expressed by the Agency to be confidential either as regards particular information or as regards information of a particular class or description;

“duly authorised” means authorised by the Agency or by some person authorised in that behalf by the Agency for the purposes of this section.