Social Welfare Act, 1992

Disqualification for entitlement to benefit where person is convicted of an offence.

44.—(1) Section 115 (1) of the Principal Act is hereby amended by the substitution for subparagraph (i) (as amended by section 31 of the Social Welfare Act, 1989 ) of paragraph (f) of the following subparagraph:

“(i) A person convicted of an offence under this subsection in relation to a benefit shall be disqualified for the receipt of any benefit, or any assistance (other than supplementary welfare allowance), or family income supplement for a period of 3 months immediately following the date of the conviction and such period of disqualification shall be treated as if it were a period in respect of which any such benefit, assistance or supplement was paid.”.

(2) This section shall not apply where the date of conviction occurs before the commencement of this Act.