Electoral Act, 1992

Polling stations.

94.—(1) At every polling place the returning officer shall provide a sufficient number of polling stations, conveniently distributed for the accommodation of the Dáil electors entitled to vote there. Where, by reason of any difficulty, a polling station or a sufficient number of polling stations cannot be provided at the appointed polling place, the returning officer may provide a polling station or polling stations at any other convenient place.

(2) The returning officer shall allot the Dáil electors to the polling stations in such manner as, in his opinion, will be most convenient for them.

(3) The returning officer shall give public notice of the location of polling stations in each polling place and the description of Dáil electors allotted to vote at each such place.

(4) The returning officer shall make adequate provision for the heating, lighting and cleaning of each polling station.

(5) The returning officer shall provide at each polling station—

(a) such number of compartments in which the voters can mark their ballot papers screened from observation, as he considers necessary,

(b) such furniture as he considers necessary,

(c) a sufficient number of ballot boxes,

(d) such number of ballot papers as he considers necessary,

(e) instruments for placing the official mark on ballot papers,

(f) copies of the register or such part thereof as contains the names of the Dáil electors allotted to vote at the station,

(g) such materials as he considers necessary to enable voters to mark their ballot papers,

(h) such other documents, forms, stationery and other materials as he considers necessary.

(6) The returning officer shall keep a record of the numbers on the ballot papers provided by him at each polling station.