Electoral Act, 1992

Duties of presiding officer at close of poll.

110.—(1) At the time fixed for the close of the poll the presiding officer shall take steps to ensure that no further Dáil electors are admitted to the polling station, but any elector on the premises at that time shall, subject to the provisions of this Act, be entitled to receive a ballot paper and to vote.

(2) As soon as practicable after the close of the poll, the presiding officer shall seal each ballot box in his charge so that no further ballot papers can be inserted therein and shall attach the key thereto and seal up in separate packets—

(a) the unused and spoilt ballot papers, placed together,

(b) the marked copies of the register of Dáil electors,

(c) the counterfoils of the ballot papers,

(d) a ballot paper account in such form as may be directed by the Minister made out by him and a statement prepared in accordance with section 104 (2),

(e) any authorisations given by the returning officer under section 99 or 100 authorising persons to vote at the polling station,and any undertakings by a personation agent to prove that a person has committed personation, and

(f) the marking instruments, unused stationery and other documents and materials relating to the Dáil election,

and shall deliver all such ballot boxes and packets to the returning officer.

(3) The returning officer shall make adequate arrangements for the safe custody of the ballot boxes delivered in pursuance of this section and of all documents connected with the poll.