Electoral Act, 1992

Obstruction of the poll.

107.—(1) Where the poll at any polling station is obstructed by violence, the presiding officer for that station may adjourn the said poll until the next following day (disregarding any excluded day) and on such day the said poll shall be resumed at a time corresponding to the time fixed for the commencement of the poll and shall continue until a time corresponding to the time fixed for the close of the poll on the polling day. References in this Act to the close of the poll shall be construed accordingly in relation to the said polling station.

(2) In the event of such obstruction, only the poll at such polling stations as are actually affected by the obstruction may be adjourned and the poll at all other polling stations shall be continued without adjournment.

(3) Where a poll is adjourned under this section the presiding officer shall forthwith give notice of such adjournment to the returning officer who shall not open any of the ballot boxes used in the constituency until the adjourned poll has been completed.

(4) This section shall apply to any obstruction caused by persons being prevented by violence from going to any polling station and to obstruction caused in any other manner by violence.