Health (Family Planning) (Amendment) Act, 1992

Supply of contraceptive sheaths.

5.—(1) (a) Subject to the provisions of paragraph (b) of this subsection and subsection (2) of this section, a person may supply contraceptive sheaths to persons over the age of 17 years or to persons who are married.

(b) A person shall not supply contraceptive sheaths by vending machine, or mobile outlet or as a street vendor or from a primary or secondary school, a youth club or sports centre catering for persons under the age of 17 years, or from such place, by such persons or in such manner as may be prescribed by regulations.

(2) A person shall not supply contraceptive sheaths from any place unless that place is under the supervision of a person over the age of 17 years.

(3) A person who supplies contraceptive sheaths otherwise than by way of sale under and in accordance with this Act shall be guilty of an offence.

(4) In this section, “sports centre” means any premises purpose-built or adapted for the practice or playing of active sports.