Dublin Institute of Technology Act, 1992


2.—(1) In this Act—

“the Academic Council” has the meaning assigned to it by section 11 of this Act;

“course of study” means a course of study, instruction or training leading to an educational award by the Institute, the National Council for Educational Awards, an university in the State or such other certifying authority as may be approved by the Minister from time to time;

“Director” means a Director of the Institute;

“establishment” and “establishment date” refer in the case of the Institute established by section 3 (1) of this Act to the commencement of this Act and, in the case of an educational institution or part of such an institution, incorporated into the Institute by order under section 3 (3) of this Act, to the commencement of the order;

“functions” includes powers and duties;

“the Governing Body” means the Governing Body of the Institute;

“graduate” means a person on whom there has been conferred or who has been granted or given an educational award on successful completion of a course of study at the Institute or at such otherinstitution as the Minister, on the recommendation of the Governing Body, may approve;

“the Institute” means the Dublin Institute of Technology established by this Act;

“the Minister” means the Minister for Education;

“the President” means the President of the Institute;

“the Vocational Education Committee” means the City of Dublin Vocational Education Committee.

(2) A reference in this Act to the performance of functions includes a reference to the exercise of powers and the performance of duties.

(3) A reference in this Act to a subsection is to a subsection of the section in which the reference is made unless the contrary is indicated.