S.I. No. 279/1990 - Social Welfare (Assistance) Regulations, 1990.

S.I. No. 279 of 1990.


The Minister for Social Welfare, in exercises of the powers conferred on him by sections 3, 170 (4) and 198 (3) of the Social Welfare (Consolidation) Act, (No. 1 of 1981), hereby makes the following Regulations:—

1. These Regulations may be cited as the Social Welfare (Assistance) Regulations, 1990.

2. The Social Welfare (Assistance) Regulations, 1979 ( S.I. No. 236 of 1979 ) are hereby revoked.

3. Sub-article (3) of article 9 of the Social Welfare (Claims and Payments) Regulations, 1952 ( S.I. No. 374 of 1952 ) and sub-article (2) of article 9 and sub-article (2) of article 10 of the said Regulations (as amended by the Social Welfare (Claims and Payments) (Amendment) Regulations, 1960 ( S.I. No. 259 of 1960 )) shall apply in respect of a pension under Chapter 3 of Part III of the Social Welfare (Consolidation) Act, 1981 and single woman's allowance and in such application any reference to "pension" or "maternity allowance" shall be construed as including a reference to a pension under the said Chapter 3 or single woman's allowance.

GIVEN under the Official Seal of the Minister for Social Welfare,

this 26th day of November, 1990.


Minister for Social Welfare.


The Social Welfare (Assistance) Regulations, 1979 provided that in certain circumstances the time within which a claim for social assistance pensions and allowances must be made may be extended.

The Social Welfare (Lone Parent's Allowance and Other Analogous Payments) Regulations, 1990 incorporated this provision as far as lone parent's allowance, widow's (non-contributory) pension, orphan's (non-contributory) pension, deserted wife's allowance and prisoner's wife's allowance are concerned. These Regulations apply these provisions in the case of old age (non-contributory) pension, blind pension and single woman's allowance.