Larceny Act, 1990

Repeals, etc.

12.—(1) In section 4 (as extended to Ireland by section 15 of the Prevention of Crimes Act, 1871 ) of the Vagrancy Act, 1824 , the words “having in his or her custody or possession any picklock key, crow, jack, bit, or other implement, with intent feloniously to break into any dwelling house, ware-house, coach-house, stable, or out-building or” and “and every such picklock key, crow, jack, bit, and other implement” are hereby repealed.

(2) Sections 50 and 52 of the Post Office Act, 1908 , are hereby repealed.

(3) Sections 12, 18, 37(1) to (3) and 39 of the Principal Act are hereby repealed.

(4) In the definition of “property” in section 46 of the Principal Act, the words “, and also includes not only such property as has been originally in the possession or under the control of any person, but also any property into or for which the same has been converted or exchanged, and anything acquired by such conversion or exchange, whether immediately or otherwise” are hereby repealed.

(5) The common law offence of receiving stolen property is hereby abolished.