Insurance Act, 1989


17.—(1) Whenever the Minister considers it necessary in order to satisfy himself whether an undertaking is complying, or has the ability to continue to comply, with its obligations under the Insurance Acts, the Minister may direct an investigation of the business of the undertaking or of any aspect of such business.

(2) Where the Minister directs such investigation he may require the undertaking to furnish to him, by a specified date any return, document or account, whether in relation to the undertaking itself or any connected body which the Minister may specify, necessary for the conduct of the investigation, and he may also require the undertaking to furnish to him returns and accounts duly certified, or any document duly attested, necessary to satisfy him as to the financial state of the undertaking.

(3) For the purposes of this section “connected body” has the meaning given to it by section 16 .

(4) If the undertaking fails to comply with subsection (2), the Minister may suspend or revoke its authorisation in any class or part of a class of business in accordance with the procedures provided for in section 58 .