Forestry Act, 1988


Transitional Provisions

Transfer of land.

39.—(1) On the vesting day all land (other than land designated by the Minister) which, immediately before that day, was vested in the Minister and was used or had been acquired for the purposes of functions assigned by this Act to the company and all rights, powers and privileges relating to or connected with such land shall, without any conveyance or assignment, but subject to subsection (2), stand vested in the company for all the estate or interest for which immediately before the vesting day it was vested in the Minister but subject to all trusts and equities affecting the land subsisting and capable of being performed.

(2) Subsection (1) shall not operate to vest in the company any minerals or any right of mining or taking minerals, or any foreshore, within the meaning of the Foreshore Act, 1933 .

(3) The Minister may on his own initiative and shall on the application of the company issue a certificate in respect of specified land certifying, as he thinks proper, that the land vested in the company under this section or did not so vest and the certificate shall be conclusive evidence of the facts so certified.