Forestry Act, 1988


37.—(1) The Minister may at the request of the company or on his own behalf make bye-laws to regulate access to or use of any land owned, managed or used by the company.

(2) Where the company submits a proposal to the Minister to make a bye-law the Minister shall, as he may think proper, refuse to approve of the proposal or approve thereof without modifications or make such modifications therein as he may think proper and make the bye-law as so modified.

(3) A document which purports to be a copy of bye-laws made under this section, and which has endorsed thereon a certificate (purporting to be signed by an officer of the Minister) stating that the document is a true copy of the bye-laws and that the bye-laws were in force on a specified date, shall, without proof of signature of such officer or that he was in fact such officer, be received as evidence in every court and in all legal proceedings of the bye-laws and of the fact that they were in force on that date.

(4) A person who contravenes a bye-law made under this section shall be guilty of an offence.