Broadcasting and Wireless Telegraphy Act, 1988

Notice of no sales etc.

10.—(1) In case during a particular month a television dealer—

(a) sells or lets no television set in a manner mentioned in paragraph (a) or (b) of section 3 (1) of the Act of 1972, or

(b) makes no arrangement described in paragraph (c) of the said section 3 (1),

he shall give to the Minister a notice in writing stating that during that month no such sale, letting or arrangement was made by him.

(2) (a) Where a notice is by this subsection required to be given to the Minister, the notice shall be so given not later than the last day of the month which follows the month to which the notice relates.

(b) Where a notice required by this section is given to the Minister, the person giving the notice shall make a record of the fact that such notice was given and of the date on which it was sent to the Minister and such record shall be kept by such person for a period of not less than twelve months, and for the purposes of subsection (4) of section 6 of the Act of 1972 the record shall be regarded as being kept under that section.

(3) A person who—

(a) without reasonable cause or excuse fails to comply with any of the requirements of subsection (1) or (2) of this section, or

(b) in purported compliance therewith:

(i) furnishes any information which to his knowledge is false in a material respect, or

(ii) makes or causes to be made or knowingly allows to be made any record which to his knowledge is false in a material respect,

shall be guilty of an offence under section 10 (1) of the Act of 1972.