Air Navigation and Transport Act, 1988

Possession of certain dangerous articles in aerodromes.

12.—(1) This section applies to the following articles, that is to say—

(a) a firearm, or any article having the appearance of a firearm, whether capable of being discharged or not;

(b) an explosive, or any article manufactured or adapted so as to have the appearance of being an explosive, whether it is capable of producing a practical effect by explosion or not;

(c) any article marked or labelled so as to indicate that it is, or it contains, an explosive;

(d) any article which does not fall within the meaning of paragraph (a), (b) or (c) and which is made or is adapted for use for causing injury to or incapacitating a person, or for damaging or destroying property, or which is intended by the person in whose possession it is for such use, whether by himself or, as the case may be, by some other person.

(2) A person shall not, without lawful authority (the proof of which shall lie on him), have in his possession in or bring or cause to be brought into—

(a) any part of an aerodrome, or

(b) any air navigation installation which does not form part of an aerodrome,

an article to which this section applies.