Worker Participation (State Enterprises) Act, 1988

Amendment of section 12 of Principal Act.

17.—Section 12 of the Principal Act is hereby amended by—

(a) the substitution in subsection (1) for “five” of “thirty”, and

(b) the deletion in subsection (4) (b) of “or days”,

and the said subsections, as so amended, are set out in the Table to this section.


(1) If at an election immediately after,

(a) in case the returning officer fixes pursuant to section 8 of this Act a period during which nominations will be received, the expiration of the period, or

(b) in case the returning officer so fixes two or more such periods, the expiration of the later or latest, as may be appropriate, of those periods,

the number of candidates standing duly nominated does not exceed the number which as regards the designated body concerned is appropriate, the returning officer shall forthwith declare each of such candidates, or in case there is only one such candidate that candidate, to be elected for appointment under section 15 of this Act by the Minister of State who in relation to such designated body is the appropriate Minister; but if at that time the number of candidates standing so nominated exceeds such appropriate number the returning officer shall adjourn the election for the taking of a poll pursuant to this Act either on a day, being a day which is not earlier than the seventh day after the nomination day and which is in this Act referred to as the “polling day”, fixed by him at the time of the adjournment, or during a period of more than one but not more than thirty days the first of which is so fixed and is not earlier than the said seventh day, which period is in this Act referred to as the “polling period”.

(4) (b) the place or places at which, the day on which and the hours during which votes, other than postal votes, may be cast,