Restrictive Practices (Amendment) Act, 1987

Amendment of section 24 of Prices Act, 1958.

28.Section 24 (as amended by the Prices (Amendment) Act, 1965 ) of the Prices Act, 1958 , is hereby amended by the insertion in subsection (1) after “the Minister” of “or the Director”, and the subsection, as so amended, is set out in the Table to this section.


(1) An authorised officer may, for the purpose of obtaining any information which the Minister or the Director may require for enabling him to exercise his functions under this Act, do any one or more of the following things—

(a) at all reasonable times enter premises at which any activity in connection with the business of manufacturing or processing or packaging or supplying or distributing commodities or the business of rendering a service or carrying out work or a process or in connection with the organisation or assistance of persons engaged in any such business is carried on, and inspect the premises,

(b) require the person who carries on such activity and any person employed in connection therewith to produce to him any books, documents or records relating to such activity which are in that person's power or control and to give him such information as he may reasonably require in regard to any entries in such books, documents or records,

(c) inspect and copy or take extracts from such books, documents or records,

(d) require such person to give to him any information he may reasonably require in regard to the persons carrying on such activity (including, in particular, in the case of an unincorporated body of persons, information in regard to the membership thereof and of its committee of management or other controlling authority) or employed in connection therewith,

(e) require such person to give to him any other information which he may reasonably require in regard to such activity.