Electoral (Amendment) (No. 2) Act, 1986

Duties of special presiding officer in relation to covering envelopes and other documents.

12.—(1) The special presiding officer shall, before the time fixed for the close of the poll at the election concerned, deliver to the returning officer every covering envelope referred to in section 11 (7) of this Act.

(2) On the completion of voting by special voters, each special presiding officer shall seal up, in separate packets—

(a) the unused ballot papers and any spoilt ballot papers, placed together;

(b) the counterfoils of the ballot papers;

(c) the marked copy of the special voters list;

(d) a ballot paper account in the prescribed form completed by him;

(e) the marking instrument, any unused stationery and any other documents or materials in his possession which relate to voting by special voters at the election;

and he shall deliver all such packets to the returning officer.