Local Government (Reorganisation) Act, 1985

Membership of Council of Borough of Galway and establishment of City Council.

6.—(1) (a) The Borough Council shall, on and after the ordinary day of retirement of members thereof which occurs next after the commencement of this section, consist of fifteen members and that number of members shall accordingly be elected at every election of members of the Borough Council held after such commencement.

(b) Section 15 of the Local Government (Galway) Act, 1937 , shall be construed and have effect subject to paragraph (a) of this subsection.

(2) On and from the appointed day there shall be a Galway City Council (elsewhere in this Part referred to as “the City Council”) to fulfil the functions assigned to it by law and it shall consist of a Mayor and the same number of aldermen and councillors as did the Borough Council immediately prior to the appointed day, and the persons who were members of the Borough Council immediately prior to the appointed day shall on that day become and be the members of the City Council and shall in relation to the City Council, hold the same offices as they held, respectively, in relation to the Borough Council.