Offences Against the State (Amendment) Act, 1985

Recovery by owner, in certain circumstances, of moneys paid into High Court under section 2 .

3.—(1) A person claiming to be an owner of moneys paid into the High Court pursuant to section 2 of this Act may, within 6 months of the day on which the moneys were paid into that Court, apply to that Court for an order directing that the moneys, together with such amount in respect of interest thereon as that Court considers reasonable, be paid to him and, if that Court is satisfied that section 22 of the Principal Act has not had effect in relation to the moneys and that the person is the owner of the moneys, it shall make the order aforesaid.

(2) The Minister shall be given notice of, and be entitled to be heard in, any proceedings under subsection (1) of this section.