Social Welfare (No. 2) Act, 1985

Amendment of section 136 of Principal Act (qualification certificates).

9.—Section 136 of the Principal Act is hereby amended by the substitution for paragraph (c) of subsection (3) of the following paragraph:—

“(c) that his means, calculated in accordance with this Chapter, do not exceed an amount per annum equal to 52 times—

(i) twice the amount of unemployment assistance set out in column (2) at reference 1A (1) (i) in Part I of the Fourth Schedule, and

(ii) in case he has a qualified child or qualified children, so much of the unemployment assistance set out at reference 1 A (1) (i) in Part I of the Fourth Schedule applicable to the person as would be payable in respect of that child or those children, as the case may be; and”.