Protection of Animals Kept For Farming Purposes Act, 1984

Powers of entry, inspection, etc.

8.—(1) An inspector may at all reasonable times—

(a) for the purpose of exercising any of the other powers conferred on him by this section enter any premises or other land,

(b) inspect, examine or test—

(i) any animal which he reasonably believes to be an animal to which this Act applies and which is found by him in or on any premises or other land so entered,

(ii) any food or liquid so found and which he so believes is used or is to be used to feed animals to which this Act applies,

(iii) any equipment so found,

(c) take samples from any such animal or of any such food or liquid and examine, test or analyse, or cause to be examined, tested or analysed, any sample so taken,

(d) require the production of and inspect, and if he so wishes take extracts from, any record made pursuant to the requirements of section 7 of this Act,

(e) require any person who is either the owner or the person for the time being in charge of an animal or equipment referred to in paragraph (b) of this subsection, or who is the owner or occupier of or employed on premises or other land so entered, to give to him such assistance or to carry out such instructions as may be reasonably necessary to enable such examination, inspection, test or analysis to be carried out or to give to him such information regarding such animal or equipment as is within his knowledge or under his control.

(2) (a) An authorised person shall have such of the powers given to an inspector by this section as may be specified in his authorisation by the Minister.

(b) A member of the Garda Síochána shall have all of the powers given to an inspector by this section other than the power to examine, test or take samples from animals.

(3) An inspector or authorised person who exercises a power conferred on him by or under this section shall, if required by the person affected by the exercise, produce to that person his appointment as an inspector or authorisation to be an authorised person, as may be appropriate.