Protection of Animals Kept For Farming Purposes Act, 1984

Records as regards intensive units.

7.—(1) Where, pursuant to the requirements of section 4 of this Act, an inspection is made, the owner or the person who is for the time being in charge of the animals or the intensive unit to which the inspection relates shall make or cause to be made in relation to the inspection a record in writing and such record shall contain the following particulars, namely, the date of the inspection, the name of the person carrying out the inspection, the condition of the animals inspected, particulars of any defect in such unit which was discovered as a result of the inspection, particulars of any steps taken to remedy such defect and such other particulars as may be prescribed.

(2) The person by whom a record in writing is by subsection (1) of this section required to be made or to be caused to be made shall—

(a) for the period (if any) which for the time being stands prescribed for the purposes of this section, or

(b) in case a period does not for the time being stand so prescribed, for a period of two months,

retain the record for inspection by an inspector or an authorised person.