Protection of Animals Kept For Farming Purposes Act, 1984


5.—(1) A person shall not—

(a) provide an animal to which this Act applies with food or liquid in a manner which may cause it injury or unnecessary suffering,

(b) cause to be provided for such an animal food or liquid in such a manner,

(c) provide such an animal with food or liquid which either may itself cause the animal injury or unnecessary suffering or contain a substance which may cause such injury or suffering,

(d) cause to be provided for such an animal such a food or liquid containing such a substance.

(2) In any proceedings in which a contravention of subsection (1) of this section is proved it shall be a defence for the defendant to show that he could not reasonably have known either that the manner in which the relevant food or liquid was provided, or, as may be appropriate, that the food or liquid itself or a substance contained in such food or liquid, could cause the injury or unnecessary suffering to which the alleged offence relates.