Postal and Telecommunications Services Act, 1983

Provision of banking services.

67.—(1) The company may, after consultation with the Minister and as authorised by order of the Minister for Finance (made after consultation with the Central Bank), provide banking services, including the service commonly known as the Giro System and also including the lending of money.

(2) Any such order may—

(a) specify the services which the company may provide,

(b) contain such other provisions in relation thereto, including provisions concerning the application of the Currency and Central Bank Acts, 1927 to 1971, and any other enactment, as the Minister for Finance, after consultation with the Minister, the company, the Central Bank and any other appropriate Minister, considers necessary or desirable.

(3) For so long as an order under subsection (1) is in force, the company shall be deemed to be a bank and a banker for the purposes of the Bankers' Books Evidence Acts, 1879 and 1959, in respect of the services specified in the order and the Moneylenders Acts, 1900 and 1933, shall not apply in relation to such services.

(4) The Minister for Finance, after consultation as aforesaid, may by order amend or revoke an order made under subsection (1).