Finance Act, 1983

Market value of property.

98.—(1) In this Part, subject to the other provisions thereof and to any regulations thereunder, the market value of any property shall be estimated to be the price which the unencumbered fee simple of such property would fetch if sold for residential use in the open market on the valuation date in such manner and subject to such conditions as might reasonably be calculated to obtain for the vendor the best price for the property.

(2) In estimating the market value of the unencumbered fee simple of any property in accordance with subsection (1) the person in whose relevant residential property the property is comprised shall fix the price of the property according to the price on the relevant valuation date and shall not make any reduction in the estimate on account of the estimate being made on the assumption that the person or any other person may be chargeable to tax.

(3) If the Commissioners are not satisfied with the market value of any property estimated by any person, or if they consider it necessary to do so, they may, subject to the same conditions and requirements as apply in the case of that person, estimate the market value of that property and, where the market value as so estimated by the Commissioners exceeds the market value estimated by the person, any charge to tax shall be made by reference to the market value estimated by the Commissioners and not by reference to the market value estimated by the person.

(4) The market value of any property for the purposes of subsection (3) or section 104 (2) shall be ascertained by the Commissioners in such manner and by such means as they think fit and they may authorise a person suitably qualified for that purpose to inspect any property and report to them the value thereof for the purposes of this Part and the person having the custody or possession of that property shall permit the person so authorised to inspect it at such reasonable times as the Commissioners consider necessary.

(5) Where the Commissioners require a valuation to be made by a person named by them, the costs of such valuation shall be defrayed by them.