Companies (Amendment) Act, 1983


Name of public limited company, registration and re-registration of companies.

Name of a public limited company.

4.—(1) The name of a public limited company must end with the words “public limited company” or “cuideachta phoiblí theoranta” which may be abbreviated to “p.l.c.” or “c.p.t.” respectively and those words or abbreviations may not be preceded by the word “limited” or its abbreviation “ltd.” or “teoranta” or its abbreviation “teo.”.

(2) Subject to subsection (1), a resolution in accordance with section 12 that a company be re-registered as a public limited company may change the name of the company by deleting—

(a) the word “company” or the words “and company”; or

(b) the word “cuideachta” or the words “agus cuideachta”,

including any abbreviation of them, and no fee shall be payable in respect of any change of name mentioned in this subsection.

(3) The memorandum of a public limited company which is limited by shares shall be in the form set out in Part I of the Second Schedule or, if it is a company limited by guarantee and having a share capital, in the form set out in Part II of that Schedule or, in either case, as near thereto as circumstances admit; and those forms supersede in the case of a public limited company the forms of memorandum set out respectively in Tables B and D in the First Schedule to the Principal Act.