Local Authorities (Officers and Employees) Act, 1983

Regulations under section 8 of Principal Act.

4.—Regulations made under section 8 of the Principal Act may, in addition to prescribing the matters referred to in subsection (3) of that section—

(a) specify any one or more of the following:

(i) the types of test of which the competition to which the regulations relate shall consist,

(ii) the mode of application for admission to such competition,

(iii) knowledge, training, experience or other matter which the Commissioners, pursuant to section 2 (1) of this Act propose taking into consideration at the competition,

(b) provide that where, by reason of the number of persons seeking admission to the competition and the standard of knowledge, training or experience in general of such persons, the Commissioners consider that it would be reasonable not to admit all the persons to the competition, the Commissioners may admit to the competition only persons who appear to them to be likely to attain in the competition a standard sufficient for selection and recommendation for appointment.