Family Law (Protection of Spouses and Children) Act, 1981

Application of section 9 (2) of Family Home Protection Act, 1976 , to barring orders, etc.

9.—(1) Section 9 (2) of the Family Home Protection Act, 1976 (which restricts the right of a spouse to dispose of or remove household chattels pending the determination of matrimonial proceedings) shall apply between the making of an application for a barring order and its determination, and, if a barring order is made, while that order is in force, as it applies between the institution and final determination of matrimonial proceedings.

(2) For the avoidance of doubt, it is hereby declared that the court which is empowered under paragraph (b) of the said section 9 (2) to grant permission for any disposition or removal of household chattels is, notwithstanding anything in section 10 of that Act, the court before which the proceedings (including any proceedings for a barring order) have been instituted.