Turf Development Act, 1981

Grants towards cost of turf extraction machinery.

8.—(1) Subject to section 9 (2) of this Act and subsection (2) of this section, where the Board is satisfied that a qualified group or other person carries out or provides, or intends to carry out or provide, pursuant to agreements to which it or he is or will be a party, works or services in connection with the production of turf or turf products for fuel, the Board may, if it thinks fit, make on such terms and conditions as it thinks appropriate a grant to the group or person towards the cost of the purchase by it or him of machinery designed or intended by its manufacturer to be used exclusively or principally for the extraction of turf for fuel.

(2) The amount of a grant made under this section shall not exceed—

(a) in case the applicant is a qualified group or qualified society, sixty per cent.,

(b) in any other case, forty-five per cent.,

of the cost of the machinery to which the application relates.