Finance Act, 1981

Amendment of section 1 (interpretation) of Principal Act.

43.—Section 1(1) of the Principal Act is hereby amended, with effect as on and from the 1st day of November, 1972, by the insertion in the definition of “development” after “correspondingly” of—

“, and

in this definition ‘building’ includes, in relation to a transaction, any prefabricated or like structure in respect of which the following conditions are satisfied:

(a) the structure—

(i) has a rigid roof and one or more rigid walls and, except in the case of a structure used for the cultivation of plants, a floor,

(ii) is designed so as to provide for human access to, and free movement in, its interior,

(iii) is for a purpose that does not require that it be mobile or portable, and

(iv) does not have or contain any aids to mobility or portability,


(b) (i) neither the agreement in respect of the transaction nor any other agreement between the parties to that agreement contains a provision relating to the rendering of the structure mobile or portable or the movement or re-location of the structure after its erection, and

(ii) the person for whom the structure is constructed, extended, altered or reconstructed signs and delivers, at the time of the transaction, to the person who constructed, extended, altered or reconstructed the structure a declaration of his intention to retain it on the site on which it is at that time located”.