Social Welfare (Consolidation) Act, 1981


[1952, s. 17]

23.—(1) Regulations may provide for disqualifying a person for receiving disability benefit for such period not exceeding 6 weeks as may be determined under the provisions of this Part if—

(a) he has become incapable of work through his own misconduct, or

(b) he fails without good cause to attend for or to submit himself to such medical or other examination or treatment as may be required in accordance with the regulations, or to observe any prescribed rules of behaviour.

(2) Regulations may also provide for imposing in the case of any class of persons additional conditions in relation to the receipt of disability benefit and restrictions on the rate and duration thereof if, having regard to special circumstances, it appears to the Minister necessary so to do for the purpose of preventing inequalities or preventing injustice.

[1952, s. 29]

(3) Regulations may also provide for disqualifying a person for the receipt of disability benefit if he fails, on becoming or again becoming incapable of work, to give the prescribed notice of that fact within the prescribed time, but any such regulations may provide for extending, subject to any prescribed conditions, the time within which the claim may be made or notice may be given.

(4) For the purposes of subsection (3), any claim or notice made or sent by post shall be deemed to have been made or given on the day on which it was posted.