Safety in Industry Act, 1980

Air receivers.

33.Section 42 of the Principal Act is hereby amended by the insertion of the following subsections after subsection (7):

“(7A) (a) An air receiver which has previously been used shall not be taken into use in any factory for the first time in that factory until it has been thoroughly examined and tested by a competent person so far as the construction of the receiver permits.

(b) A report of the results of every examination and test under paragraph (a) of this subsection containing the particulars prescribed for the purposes of subsection (7) of this section shall be entered in or attached to the general register.

(7B) A new air receiver shall not be taken into use in any factory unless—

(a) there has been obtained from the manufacturer, or from a competent person, a certificate specifying the maximum permissible working pressure thereof and stating the nature of the tests to which the air receiver and fittings have been submitted,

(b) the certificate is kept available for inspection, and

(c) the air receiver is so marked as to enable it to be identified as the air receiver to which the certificate relates.

(7C) The person making the report of any examination under this section, or in the case of an air receiver inspecting company or association, the chief engineer thereof, shall within twenty-eight days of the completion of the examination send to the Minister a copy of the report in every case where the maximum permissible working pressure is reduced, or the examination shows that the air receiver cannot continue to be used with safety unless certain repairs are carried out immediately or within a specified time.”.