Fisheries Act, 1980

Amendment of section 65 of Principal Act.

66.—Subsection (1) of section 65 of the Principal Act is hereby amended by the insertion of “by that person” before “in that fishery district”, and the said subsection (1), as amended by this section and by section 46 (1) of this Act and as modified by section 50 (1) of this Act, is set out in the Table to this section.


(1)—If any person uses or erects in any fishery district any scheduled engine, for the taking of salmon, trout or eels, in respect of which there is not for the time being in force an ordinary fishing licence authorising the use of that engine by that person in that fishery district, such person shall be guilty of an offence under this section and shall be liable—

(a) on summary conviction thereof to a fine not exceeding £500,

(b) on conviction on indictment to a fine not exceeding £2,000 or at the discretion of the court, to imprisonment for a term not exceeding two years or to both such fine and such imprisonment.