S.I. No. 115/1979 - Redundancy (Inspection of Records) Regulations, 1979.

S.I. No. 115 of 1979.


I, GENE FITZGERALD, Minister for Labour, in exercise of the powers conferred on me by section 58 of the Redundancy Payments Act, 1967 (No. 21 of 1967) [as amended by the Redundancy Payments Act, 1979 (No. 7 of 1979)], hereby make the following Regulations:

1. These Regulations may be cited as the Redundancy (Inspection of Records) Regulations, 1979.

2. The following Regulation is hereby substituted for Regulation 5 of the Redundancy (Inspection of Records) Regulations, 1968 ( S.I. No. 12 of 1968 ):

"5. Any person who—

( a ) wilfully delays or obstructs an officer in the exercise of any power under these Regulations,

( b ) refuses or neglects to answer any question or to furnish any information or to produce any document when required so to do under these Regulations, or

( c ) conceals or prevents or attempts to conceal or prevent any other person from appearing before or being examined by an officer,

shall be guilty of an offence and shall be liable on summary conviction thereof to a fine not exceeding £50."

GIVEN under my Official Seal, this 5th day of April, 1979.


Minister for Labour.


The purpose of these regulations is to increase to £50 the penalty for contraventions of the Redundancy (Inspection of Records) Regulations, 1968.