S.I. No. 343/1978 - Tobacco Joint Labour Committee (Abolition) Order, 1978.

S.I. No. 343 of 1978.


WHEREAS the Tobacco Trade Board was a Trade Board which existed immediately before the commencement of the Industrial Relations Act, 1946 (hereinafter called "the Act") and by virtue of Section 53 of the Act is deemed to be a Joint Labour Committee established under Part IV of the Act by an Establishment Order and operating in relation to the workers and employers in relation to whom it operated immediately before such commencement;

AND WHEREAS application has been made to the Labour Court in accordance with Section 40 of the Act by the Minister for Labour for an Order abolishing the Tobacco Joint Labour Committee;

AND WHEREAS the requirements of Section 40 of the Act have been complied with in respect of such application;

NOW, THEREFORE, the Labour Court, in exercise of the powers conferred on it by Section 40 of the Act, hereby orders as follows:—

(1) The Board otherwise known as the Tobacco Joint Labour Committee is hereby abolished.

(2) This Order shall come into operation on the 18th day of December, 1978.

(3) This Order may be cited as the Tobacco Joint Labour Committee (Abolition) Order, 1978.

GIVEN under the Official Seal of the Labour Court this 13th day of

December, 1978.


A person authorised under Section 18 of the Act

to authenticate the Seal of the Court.


The purpose of this instrument is to abolish the Tobacco Joint Labour Committee.