Worker Participation (State Enterprises) Act, 1977

Casual vacancies.

22.—(1) Where a vacancy (in this section referred to as a “casual vacancy”) occurs in the appropriate number of members or directors of a designated body by reason of the death or resignation, or the disqualification by virtue of section 21 of this Act, of such a member or director, or by reason of no candidate, or of less candidates than there were places to be filled, having been nominated at the last election relating to the body, or by reason of section 16 of this Act, the vacancy may be filled by a person appointed by the appropriate Minister.

(2) In appointing a person to fill a casual vacancy, the appropriate Minister shall, in case there was a poll at the last preceding election relating to the designated body concerned, before making the appointment, have regard to that poll.

(3) A person appointed to fill a casual vacancy shall, unless he sooner dies, resigns or becomes disqualified, hold office for the remainder of the period for which the member or director occasioning the vacancy, if he had continued to be a member or director, would have held office.