Employment Equality Act, 1977

Discrimination in relation to vocational training prohibited.

6.—(1) Any person or educational or training body offering a course of vocational training shall not, in respect of any such course offered to persons over the age at which those persons are statutorily obliged to attend school, discriminate against a person (whether at the request of an employer, a trade union or a group of employers or trade unions or otherwise)—

(a) in the terms on which any such course or related facility is offered,

(b) by refusing or omitting to afford access to any such course or facility, or

(c) in the manner in which any such course or facility is provided.

(2) In this section “vocational training” means any system of instruction which enables a person being instructed to acquire, maintain, bring up to date or perfect the knowledge or technical capacity required for the carrying on of an occupational activity and which may be considered as exclusively concerned with training for such activity.