Employment Equality Act, 1977

Assistance by Agency in certain references to Court or equality officer.

48.—(1) A person who considers that there is or has been discrimination in respect of him by another person, or that there is or has been a failure or neglect by such other person to comply with an equal pay clause (within the meaning of section 7 of the Act of 1974) or with an equality clause under section 4 or to implement a determination or order of the Court under section 21 or 26 or under section 8 or 10 of the Act of 1974, may apply to the Agency for assistance in making a reference to the Court or an equality officer.

(2) Where, having considered an application under subsection (1), the Agency is satisfied that the application raises an important matter of principle, or it appears to the Agency that it is not reasonable to expect the applicant adequately to present without assistance the case the subject of the proposed reference, the Agency may at its discretion provide assistance to the applicant in making the reference.

(3) Assistance under this section shall be in such form as the Agency at its discretion thinks fit.