National Agricultural Advisory, Education and Research Authority Act, 1977


Committees of Agriculture

Functions of committees of agriculture.

36.—(1) Every committee of agriculture shall, with the assistance of the Chief Agricultural Officer, prepare an annual agricultural advisory and education programme for its county and shall submit the programme to the Authority for consideration by the Board in relation to the annual programme referred to in section 32 and may—

(a) review, and make recommendations to the Minister and the Board, as appropriate, regarding, the operation of such programme and the schemes operated by the Minister in the county;

(b) from time to time request reports from the Chief Agricultural Officer on the progress of the advisory and education programme for the county;

(c) from time to time request reports from the appropriate officers of the Minister on the schemes operated by him in the county and request the attendance of those officers at meetings of the committee at which matters relating to those schemes are discussed; and

(d) make proposals to the Minister, through the General Council referred to in section 43, in regard to agricultural policy and development.

(2) (a) Every committee of agriculture shall have, in addition to the powers and functions mentioned in subsection (1), the functions that were exercised or performed, or were capable of being exercised or performed, by it immediately before the commencement of this section, except the functions transferred to the Authority under sections 12 and 15.

(b) The definition in section 2 of the Act of 1931 of the expression “the purposes of agriculture and other rural industries” shall be construed subject to this section.

(3) For the purpose of this Act “Chief Agricultural Officer”, in relation to a county, means the officer of the Authority to whom is assigned responsibility for executing in the county the functions of a committee of agriculture transferred to the Authority under sections 12 and 15.