Social Welfare Act, 1976

Amendment of section 27 of Act of 1952 (increases of benefit—qualified children).

18.—(1) The Act of 1952 is hereby amended by the substitution for section 27 of the following section :

“27. The weekly rate of disability benefit, unemployment benefit, old age (contributory) pension, invalidity pension, retirement pension, deserted wife's benefit or widow's (contributory) pension shall be increased by the amount set out in column (4) of Part I of the Third Schedule to this Act in respect of a qualified child or each of two qualified children who normally resides or reside with the beneficiary and in addition, where there are more than two such children, by the amount set out in column (5) of that Part in respect of each such child in excess of two.”.

(2) This section shall come into operation on the 1st day of April, 1976.