Wildlife Act, 1976

Wildlife Advisory Council.

13.—(1) The Minister shall by order establish a body which shall be known in the Irish language as An Chomhairle um Fhiadhúlra and in the English language as The Wildlife Advisory Council (which body is referred to in this Act as the Council) to perform the functions assigned to it by this Act.

(2) The Council may, either of its own volition or at the request of the Minister, make recommendations to the Minister as to the Minister's general policy (including administrative policy) in relation to the conservation of wildlife or as to objectives to be fixed or programmes to be implemented by the Minister in relation to such conservation, but nothing in this subsection shall be construed as enabling the Council to make to the Minister any recommendation as regards a particular administrative matter.

(3) The Minister shall take such steps as he considers appropriate to keep the Council informed of matters relating to the conservation of wildlife which are, in his opinion, likely to assist the Council in performing the functions assigned to it by subsection (2) of this section.

(4) The Minister may request the Council to furnish to him its opinion in relation to any function assigned to him by this Act or any matter which he considers to be related to any such function and it shall be the duty of the Council to comply with any such request.

(5) Subject to subsection (6) of this section, the Minister may by order, made with the consent of the Minister for the Public Service in so far as it relates to allowances for members of the Council, provide for such one or more of the following as he considers appropriate:

(a) the constitution of the Council,

(b) the period for which and the terms and conditions upon and subject to which the members of the Council are to hold office,

(c) the manner in which a member of the Council may resign from office and the manner and circumstances in which such a member may be removed from office,

(d) the business and procedure of the Council,

(e) the payment of specified allowances to members of the Council,

(f) any matter which is ancillary or incidental to any of the foregoing.

(6) Before making an order under this section which contains provisions relating to the constitution of the Council, the Minister shall consult any other Minister of State or a body established by or regulated under statute considered by the Minister to be concerned.

(7) The members of the Council shall be appointed by the Minister and shall include such number of persons, by reason of their knowledge or experience of, or interest in, agriculture, fisheries, field sports, the conservation of wildlife or some other science, as he considers will ensure that the Council will assist materially in the furtherance of wildlife conservation.