Superannuation and Pensions Act, 1976

Delegation of superannuation functions.

4.—The Minister may, to such extent and subject to such conditions as he thinks fit, delegate to any other Minister of State, or to any person who is by regulations made by the Minister and for the time being in force declared to be a person to whom this section applies, any power conferred on him by a scheme under section 2 of this Act to grant any pension, gratuity or other allowance, to pay or receive any transfer value, or to make or receive any contribution or other payment, and in case such a Minister of State or other person, pursuant to a delegation under this section, is to make a payment in the manner described in paragraph (g) of section 2 (2) of this Act of a sum so described, section 2 (5) of this Act shall apply as regards the payment but subject to the modification that the persons to or among whom the sum is paid or distributed shall, in lieu of being determined in accordance with that section by the Minister, be so determined by that Minister of State or other person.