S.I. No. 198/1973 - The Factories (Bronzing) Regulations, 1973.

S.I. No. 198 of 1973.


I, MICHAEL O'LEARY, Minister for Labour, in exercise of the powers conferred on me by sections 6 , 8 , 53 , 54 , 57 and 71 of the Factories Act, 1955 (No. 10 of 1955), and the Labour (Transfer of Departmental Administration and Ministerial Functions) Order, 1966 ( S.I. No. 164 of 1966 ), after consultation with the Minister for Health and after due compliance with the provisions of the Third Schedule to that Act, hereby make the following regulations:

1. These Regulations may be cited as the Factories (Bronzing) Regulations, 1973 and shall come into operation on the 1st day of September, 1973.

2. The Bronzing Regulations, 1912 (dated 11th April, 1912: S.R. & O. No. 361 of 1912) are hereby revoked.

3. In these Regulations—

" the Act " means the Factories Act, 1955 (No. 10 of 1955);

" bronzing " means the process of applying dry metallic powders to or dusting them off surfaces previously printed or otherwise prepared in letterpress printing, lithographic printing or in coating metal sheets;

" efficient exhaust draught " means localised ventilation effected by mechanical means for the removal of dust so as to extract it, as far as and as soon as practicable, from the air in any occupied room and for the purposes of these Regulations, such localised ventilation shall not be regarded as being efficient if it fails to remove smoke generated at the point where dust originates.

4. Save where the context otherwise requires, these Regulations shall apply only to factories in which bronzing is carried on.

5. Bronzing by machine shall not be done in a factory unless measures have been taken to prevent, as far as practicable, the escape of dust in the air in the factory.

6. (1) Subject to paragraph (2) of this regulation the process of bronzing by hand shall not be carried on in a factory unless there is provided in relation to the process—

(a) an efficient exhaust draught, or

(b) an appliance constructed so as to prevent, as far as practicable, the escape of dust in the factory.

(2) This regulation shall not apply in relation to—

(a) bronzing by hand for the purpose of proof pulling, and

(b) bronzing done at a factory on not more than two days in any week or done at a factory on not more than fifty days in any calendar year, none of which days is a consecutive working day.

7. As regards a factory to which these Regulations apply, washing facilities to be provided in accordance with section 53 of the Act for the use of persons employed in bronzing shall be washing facilities which are adequate and suitable for the use of all persons so employed in the factory and, where practicable, the said facilities shall be provided for those persons exclusive use. The said facilities shall be kept in a clean and orderly condition and be under cover and shall be immediately accessible or, where this is not reasonably practicable, conveniently accessible, from any place in the factory where bronzing is carried on. The said facilities shall include clean running warm water or clean running hot and cold water, together with soap, non-abrasive nail brushes and clean towels, and either—

(a) a trough with a smooth impervious surface of such length (or, in the case of a circular or oval trough, of such circumference) as to allow sixty centimetres of length for every five persons making use thereof and fitted with suitable jets or sprays serving each sixty centimetres of length or circumference (as the case may be) and with a waste pipe without plug, or

(b) for every five such persons at least one basin with a smooth impervious surface of suitable size fitted with suitable jets or sprays and with a waste pipe.

8. In every factory to which these Regulations apply there shall be provided suitable protective clothing for all persons employed therein in bronzing together with headcoverings for females so employed and all overalls and headcoverings provided pursuant to this regulation shall be collected at the end of every day's work and deposited in a special place and be washed or renewed at least once in every week.

9. As regards a factory to which these Regulations apply, the accommodation for clothing, provided pursuant to section 54 of the Act and used by persons employed in the factory in bronzing shall be located and enclosed so as not to be exposed to dust from a bronzing process.

10. It shall be the duty of every person employed in bronzing in a factory to which these Regulations apply—

(a) to wash his face and hands before partaking of any food in the factory or leaving the factory premises;

(b) to wear the protective clothing or headcoverings provided in pursuance of Regulation 8 of these Regulations; and

(c) to deposit clothing taken to but not worn in the factory during working hours in the cloakroom provided in pursuance of Regulation 9 of these Regulations.

11. A person employed in a factory to which these Regulations apply shall not—

(a) introduce, keep, prepare or partake of any food or drink (other than milk or tea provided by the occupier) in any part of the factory in which bronzing is carried on,

(b) make use of tobacco in any part of the factory in which bronzing is being carried on,

(c) interfere in any way without the concurrence of the occupier or manager with any machine or other thing provided for in the factory in pursuance of these Regulations.

GIVEN under my Official Seal, this 13th day of July, 1973.


Minister for Labour.


These regulations prohibit, except in specified circumstances, the process of bronzing unless proper exhaust ventilation is provided. They prescribe a standard for washing and cloakroom facilities and specify that suitable protective clothing must be supplied for the use of persons engaged in bronzing. The duties of workers as regards safety precautions are also set out in the regulations.