Holidays (Employees) Act, 1973

Times and pay for annual leave.

6.—(1) Times at which annual leave is given shall be determined by the employer having regard to work requirements and subject—

(a) to his taking into account the opportunities for rest and relaxation available to the employee,

(b) to his having consulted (prior to one month ending at the time) the employee or his trade union, and

(c) to leave being given within the leave year in respect of which it is given or the six months thereafter.

(2) An employer failing to comply with subsection (1) (b) shall be guilty of an offence.

(3) The pay for annual leave shall—

(a) be given in advance

(b) be at the normal weekly rate of remuneration, and

(c) in a case in which board, lodging or board and lodging is part of the remuneration, include, subject to regulations, compensation for any board or lodging not received.