Marriages Act, 1972

Licensing and registration of buildings in which marriages may be solemnised.

15.—(1) A building may be licensed for the celebration of marriages, or, as the case may be, registered, two or more times under any of the following enactments, and may be so licensed or registered under more than one of them:

(a) section 7 of the Marriages (Ireland) Act, 1844,

(b) section 27 of that Act,

(c) section 12 of the Marriage Law (Ireland) Amendment Act, 1863 ,

(d) section 34 of the Matrimonial Causes and Marriage Law (Ireland) Amendment Act, 1870 ,

if it satisfies the conditions specified in the section in question.

(2) The words “is being used by them” are hereby substituted for the words from “has been used” to “least” in the said section 27 and in the said section 12.