Trade Union Act, 1971

Application to High Court.

3.—(1) A body of persons (in this section referred to as the applicant) which fulfils a condition specified in section 7 (1) (a) of the Act of 1941, and which has deposited and keeps deposited with the High Court the appropriate sum (within the meaning of section 2 of this Act), but otherwise does not fulfil a condition specified in section 2 of this Act, may apply to the High Court for a declaration under this section.

(2) The High Court, after hearing any evidence adduced by the applicant, the Minister, the Congress and any other trade union, may at its discretion declare that the granting of a negotiation licence to the applicant would not be against the public interest.

(3) On the making of a declaration under this section the applicant shall be deemed, for the purposes of section 10 of the Act of 1941, to have been shown to the satisfaction of the Minister to be an authorised trade union.