Vocational Education (Amendment) Act, 1970

Amendment of Section 108 of Vocational Education Act, 1930.

2.Section 108 of the Vocational Education Act, 1930 , is hereby amended by the substitution of the following subsection for subsection (4):

“(4) (a) The Minister shall by regulations provide for an election (in this subsection referred to as a new election) of members of a vocational education committee (in this subsection referred to as a dissolved committee) which has been dissolved under this section, to take place at any time not later than the end of the second election year after the dissolved committee has been so dissolved, and upon the completion of such new election all the properties, powers and duties of the dissolved committee shall vest in the committee so elected, notwithstanding that the same may have been transferred by the Minister under this section to any other body, persons, or person.

(b) Section 9 (2) of the Principal Act shall not apply to a new election.

(c) Notwithstanding any other provision of this Act, no election other than a new election shall take place in respect of a dissolved committee.”.