S.I. No. 26/1969 - Redundancy (Redundancy Appeals Tribunal) (Amendment) Regulations, 1969.

S.I. No. 26 of 1969.


I, P. S. Ó h-IRIGHILE, Minister for Labour, in exercise of the powers conferred on me by section 39 (19) of the Redundancy Payments Act, 1967 (No. 21 of 1967), hereby make the following Regulations :

1. These Regulations may be cited as the Redundancy (Redundancy Appeals Tribunal) (Amendment) Regulations, 1969.

2. The Redundancy (Redundancy Appeals Tribunal) Regulations, 1968 ( S.I. No. 24 of 1968 ), are hereby amended by the insertion of the following paragraph after paragraph 20 :

" 20A. (1) Subject to subparagraph (2), the Tribunal may, at its discretion, award to a person appearing before it and whose attendance is deemed essential by the Tribunal such sum in respect of expenses for loss of remunerative time as it considers reasonable.

(2) The Tribunal shall not make an award under subparagraph (1) in respect of the attendance before the Tribunal of—

(a) appellants or respondents,

(b) any of the following persons appearing in a representative capacity—counsel, solicitors, officials of a trade union, officials of an employers' association.

(3) A sum awarded under subparagraph (1) shall be paid out of the Redundancy Fund ".

GIVEN under my Official Seal, this 11th day of February, 1969.


Minister for Labour.


These regulations provide for the award by the Redundancy Appeals Tribunal of expenses in respect of loss of remunerative time to essential witnesses (other than appellants, respondents or their representatives) appearing before it.